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Interview with Chaine Leyendecker : Featuring Fabrica Social x Proveer Collaboration

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  1. Tells about your work as a Stylist? How did you get started and what does a typical day look like for you? In college, I started getting into styling for fun, but living in San Francisco the fashion market was so small. It wasn't until I moved to LA when I really started assisting on bigger jobs and working in PR that I really got to see the in's and out's and see both sides of industry. I loved working in PR but my passion was really in styling and collaborating with photographers and brands so eventually, after a few years of building my book I went freelance and it has been such an amazing experience. Every day is different and on every shoot, I learn something new. A typical day involves lots of emails, lots of pulls, a ton of returns and making sure I stay super organized along the way is so important.

  1. How did you and Scarlet get into reworking and selling Vintage? We both have always been into vintage fashion, In high school, we had a "re-in vintage" line called Penny's Trip, where we would take vintage pieces or fabric and update them to appeal to young girls like us. In college, it became harder to juggle school and Penny's trip so we sort of took a hiatus, but over the last few years as we've both been involved in styling, music video production and more creative endeavors we found ourselves with a storage unit full of vintage clothing and thought we should 1. Stop being such hoarders and 2. Sell our vintage pieces on Etsy where the clothing can have a new home with someone who really appreciates it! It's a fun side hustle that lets us get back to our Penny's Trip days and also helps recycle these amazing pieces that we've been collecting over the years.

  1. As a stylist who works with many brands and a vintage collector and seller, what are some smart tips you might have on shopping ethically and/or sustainably? Thrifting!! When I have the time I stop into thrift stores and browse the racks for anything that sparks my eye. It's important to have an arsenal of pieces that I can use on shoots, especially music videos so even if I find something that's awesome but isn't my size I'll still buy it because it can have a lot of uses. For my own wardrobe, I would say It's a 50/50 mix of newer pieces (usually sale) that I've acquired and vintage. When I go vintage or thrift shopping I don't go in with a specific expectation of what I will find because you can miss out on something that's really special. I like to take my time and go through EVERYTHING. Also, having a go-to tailor will help you up the value of something you find at a thrift store by making it a custom fit for you so that you will actually wear it and it won't just collect dust in the back of your closet.

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